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  Sten Vikner 

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Three Yiddish phrases it won't take long now!


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Peace be with you!WhatdoesaJew?
"Hello! How are you doing?"

Peace be with you, too!As long asnotworse!
"Hello! I can't complain!"

Well,thenbemein good health!
"Good bye and take care!"

    This document is http://www.hum.au.dk/engelsk/engsv/yidphras.htm
First posted: May 1997 (as http://pinguin.philosophie.uni-stuttgart.de/ifl/Vikner/yidphras.html)
July 2002 (here, i.e. http://www.hum.au.dk/engelsk/engsv/yidphras.htm)
Last modified:  July 23, 2002
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