I am grateful for general help, comments and criticism to Wulf-Otto Dreeßen (Stuttgart), Marvin Herzog (New York), and Percy Mett (London).

The gif files with the Yiddish letters and phrases originally came from the Yiddish section of the web site of the Communauté On Line: la Voix de la Communauté Juive francophone, even if the the section on Yiddish (http://www.col.fr/hebreu/yiddish/) now looks rather different.

The original gif files are now used also on the following page: YiddishWeb - l'alef-beys (http://www.yiddishweb.com/alefbey.htm).

Please not that none of the above-mentioned institutions or persons can in any way be held responsible for the way I have used these gif files. Any mistakes in the text or the translations are exlusively my fault (and please tell me about them).

Last modified: July 26, 2002

Comments and suggestions: Sten Vikner