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WABI 2001

1st Workshop on Algorithms in BioInformatics
BRICS, University of Aarhus, Denmark, August 28-31, 2001

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September 16-21
Rome ``La Sapienza''
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  1. Experiments in computing sequences of reversals
    A. Bergeron and F. Strasbourg
  2. Improving the accuracy of evolutionary distances between genomes
    L.-S. Wang
  3. On the practical solution of the reversal median problem
    A. Caprara
  4. Determination of the binding amino acids based on random peptide array screening data
    P.J. van der Veen, L.F.A. Wessels, J.W. Sloostra, R.H. Meloen, M.J.T. Reinders, and J. Hellendoorn
  5. Assessing the statistical significance of overrepresented oligonucleotides
    A. Denise, M. Regnier, and M. Vandenbogaert
  6. Comparing stochastic models
    A. Jagota, R.B. Lyngso, and C.N.S. Pedersen
  7. Computing linking numbers of a filtration
    H. Edelsbrunner and A. Zomorodian
  8. A simple hypergeometric approach for discovering putative transcription factor binding sites
    Y. Barash, G. Bejerano, and N. Friedman
  9. An improved model for statistical alignment
    I. Miklos and Z. Toroczkai
  10. Finding an optimal inversion median: experimental results
    A. Siepel and B.M.E. Moret
  11. Pattern matching and pattern discovery algorithms for protein topologies
    J. Viksna and D. Gilbert
  12. A chemical-distance-based test for positive Darwinian selection
    T. Pupko, R. Sharan, M. Hasegawa, R. Shamir, and D. Graur
  13. Algorithms for finding gene clusters
    S. Heber and J. Stoye
  14. False positives in genomic map assembly and sequence validation
    T. Anantharaman and B. Mishra
  15. Finding the maximum compatible tree for a bounded number of trees withbounded degree is solvable in polynomial time
    Ganeshkumar G. and T. Warnow
  16. Boosting EM for radiation hybrid and genetic mapping
    T. Schiex, P. Chabrier, M. Bouchez, and D. Milan
  17. Placing probes along the genome using pairwise distance data
    W. Casey, B. Mishra, and M. Wigler
  18. Comparing assemblies using fragments and mate-pairs
    D.H. Huson, A.L. Halpern, Z. Lai, E.W. Myers, K. Reinert, and G.G. Sutton
  19. MLMC trees and Hadamard conjugation
    B. Chor, M. Hendy, and D. Penny
  20. The performance of phylogenetic methods on trees of bounded diameter
    L. Nakhleh, U. Roshan, K. St.John, J. Sun, and T. Warnow
  21. (1+e)-approximation of sorting by reversals and transpositions
    N. Eriksen
  22. Improving profile-profile alignments via log average scoring
    N. von Oehsen and R. Zimmer
  23. Side chain-positioning as an integer programming problem
    O. Eriksson, Y. Zhou, and A. Elofsson

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