I am an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University in Denmark. I received my doctorate degree in 2010 from the University of Rostock, Germany and have since worked there in various capacities with a number of intermittent research stays at TU Graz, University of Calgary, and Fraunhofer IGD. In 2018, I moved to Aarhus where I work in the fields of Information Visualization and Visual Analytics.
My research focuses on novel methods for the visual analysis of structured data — in particular hierarchically and network-structured data, but also data that is organized by spatio-temporal relations or similarity. In collaboration with industrial and academic research partners, I apply my methods predominantly to data analysis challenges in the life sciences and geosciences. In my spare time, I collect tree visualizations at treevis.net.


News and Updates

April 2019
Great turnout at AU Computer Science Alumni Day with much interest in Data Visualization (→Website)

On April 25th, more than 80 AU-CS alumni came back to visit their former place of study to reminisce and to hear among other things about “The Why and How of User-driven Visualization: Tailoring Diagrams Beyond just Showing the Data”. Thanks to all alumnis who visited the visualization live demos and had a good time trying out some of the research prototypes shown in the talk!

March 2019
Welcoming Marius Hogräfer as a new PhD student in our research group (→PURE)

Starting this month, Marius will investigate focus+context techniques for progressive visualization. Marius holds an MSc degree from TU Dresden, Germany and has previously worked at SAP Research. As part of his master studies in Dresden, he developed an impressive “Toolkit for Extensible, Model-driven and Interactive Information Visualizations” (publication forthcoming).

February 2019
Paper Co-Chair for the “24th International Symposium on Vision, Modeling and Visualization” (→Website)

I'm honored to have been named paper co-chair for this year's VMV symposium together with Matthias Teschner, University of Freiburg and Michael Wimmer, TU Wien. The VMV 2019 will be held this October in Rostock, Germany. We invite original research contributions in the areas of computer graphics, computer vision, visualization, and visual analytics. Submission deadline: 21/06/2019

January 2019
Kick-Off Lecture for the “Science Communication Series 2019” at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (→Website)

On 23-Jan-2019, I'll be giving the first installment in ETH Zurich's Lecture Series on Science Communication. The lecture aims to equip PhD students and postdocs with the necessary knowledge and tools for visual exploration and presentation of their scientific data. It will shine a light on the Do's and Don'ts in visualization design, and illustrate useful guidelines and common pitfalls.

Dec. 2018
New PhD position on View Space Interaction for Visual Analytics

A fully funded 3-year PhD position starting in May 2019 is available and we invite exceptional candidates to join the team and to apply until February 1st. This PhD project sets out to investigate how to best support the unique collaboration between a running computational analysis and a human analyst who interactively explores a visualization of the computation's intermediate results.

Nov. 2018
Data Mining and Data Visualization for CS Pre-Talent Track students this month

I'm proud to be teaching this year's pre-talent track students data mining and data visualization together with Ira Assent over the course of November! The pre-talent track program offers first year CS bachelor students at Aarhus University a possibility to come in close contact with some advanced topics in computer science, such as cryptography, hacking, and data analytics.

October 2018
Upcoming Tutorial on Comparative Visualization at IEEE VIS 2018 (→Announcement)

The half-day tutorial will be a joint venture with TU Darmstadt, Vienna University of Technology, and Edinburgh Napier University. It covers how data comparison can be effectively supported by visual analytics solutions combining interactive visualization and algorithmic analysis. The tutorial will be held at a beginner to intermediate level and cater to researchers and practitioners alike.

Sept. 2018
New PhD position on Focused Progressive Visual Analytics announced

A 3-year PhD position starting in February 2019 is available and we invite prospective candidates to apply until November 1st. This PhD project sets out to realize Focus+Context techniques using the Progressive Visual Analytics paradigm. Work on this topic will be conducted in collaboration with the DABAI project that provides the datasets and analysis scenarios for this research.

August 2018
Journal article on Parallel Hierarchies accepted (→Publisher)

The Parallel Hierarchies visualization combines parallel sets with icicle plots to allow for cross-tabulating hierarchically structured categorical datasets. It has been developed together with SAP Research, the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in San Francisco, and TU Dresden. Parallel Hierarchies are implemented in JavaScript/D3 and available as Open Source.

July 2018
Journal article on Progressive Visual Analytics accepted (→Publisher)

The article presents recent results from an ongoing research collaboration with University of Rostock and Sapienza University in Rome on Progressive Visual Analytics. This special form of data analysis shows partial results to the user for early and continuous interaction with the emerging end result even while it is still being computed. The article is available under Open Access.

June 2018
New PhD position on Map-like Visualization for Non-spatial Data announced

A 3-year PhD position starting in November 2018 is available and we invite prospective candidates to apply until August 1st. This PhD project sets out to bring map-like space-filling visualizations to non-spatial data, such as biomedical data or financial data. Work on this topic will be conducted in collaboration with the DABAI project that provides the datasets and analysis scenarios for this research.