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Frank Jensen

Picture taken 11:54 on April 27, 1997 in Hamburg at the 42 km mark.

I try to keep in shape by running, some personal bests are (unlikely to be improved ever ...):

Date and Place
12/5-91 Odense
10 K
6/4-97 Korup
1/2 M (21.098 K)
27/4-97 Hamburg
1/1 M (42.195 K)
The full list is also available

When the old legs are weary, I take the bike out for a spin.

If the weather is fine, the Helios 900 is the favorite animal. If the wheather is foul, the Cube Attain must take its turn (the Trek 1400 has been permanently retired).

I am a member of the Aarhus 1900 atletic club and the HHHH sub-branch.

I am a member of the CK Aarhus cycling club.

I am a former member of the OGF atletic club and the Le Pedaleur de Charme cycling club.

 My wife teaches high school at Egå Gymnasium.

 My daugther (Helena) play soccer in IF Lyseng.

 I am one of the founding members of JSS.

 If you like heavy metal, try out the KNAC netradio ;-)

Marathon, Dusseldorf 2004, a cool spring day
... not a memorable one ...

Marathon, Odense 2005, a warm September day
Pushing hard up the 'hill' at 37 km, but missing (just) the sub-3 mark

Half Marathon, Sydney 2008
Beautiful surroundings, mediocre performance (1.31.29)

10K, Aarhus 2009
On the final stretch for a 39.00 time

Grejsdal 2008 (173 K)
Second from the left with a red helmet, initiating one of the many climbs

Marselis 2008 (100 K)
Same outfit, catching a wheel up the hill

Nordjylland Rundt 2008 (128 K)
The lean mean team DMCC machine (in red) driving at 40+ km/h (I am third from the right)

Øse August 2009
After a summer spent mostly on the bike, it is time to get reacquainted with the running gear

Aarhus 2012

After completing a duathlon marathon in 2.03.21 (5 K run + 13.6 K bike + 5 K run + 13.6 K bike + 5 K run)

(just below the official (running) WR marathon time of 2.03.38)

Aarhus-Copenhagen (372 Km) 2012
Crossing both bridges, and at the finish after 11 hours 41 min

La Marmotte 2013 (174 km, 5200 hm), near Col du Galibier.

National championship teamtimetrial 2014, agegroup 50+ (I am second from the left).

Oetztaler Radmarathon 2015 (230 km, 5500 hm). At the outskirts of the comfort zone down the back side of Timmelsjoch.

Leading the way in one of the local teamtimetrial events 2017, which we, with a little help from age-corrections, actually won.

At the start of the 2018 Marselis 50K bike race with my son (Andreas) to the left, with me riding as the windbreaker.

In one of the local Team Time Trial events 2019 (Hovedgaard), with me in back at the start, leading the peloton into the wind, and leaving the front.

Maratona dles Dolomites, July 2019 (138 km, 4300 hm): The last climb, the last downhill, the nasty 19% hill just before the finish, and crossing the finish line after 6 hrs 45 min.

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