1.4. Professor med særlige opgaver
(professor with special responsibilities)

Job description

The post of professor with special responsibilities involves fixed-term specific functions plus the joint responsibilities associated with professorships. The special responsibilities may last three to five years with the option of a further extension of up to three years.

Normally, the positions are established with a view to appointing particularly talented, preferably younger researchers to develop a subject area full of perspectives at international level. The position must be within one of the institution's core activities or a selected priority area or an area in which there is a special need for high academic skills as part of the development of a new field of research or education.

The ratio between the different responsibilities may vary over time for the individual post holder, although the emphasis will be on one or more of the special responsibilities. The terms of employment may include research management.

At the end of the period, the special responsibilities are discontinued and the employee in question becomes an associate professor at the university.

Appointment and qualifications

The qualification requirements correspond to ordinary professorships, although emphasis must be placed on the applicant having the potential to make progress in the subject area and being able to document original scholarly production at international level. Special emphasis is also placed on an assessment of the applicant’s opportunities to assume the special functions associated with the specific job.

Quoted from
Circular concerning the job structure for academic staff at universities
(Circular of 22 December 2004 - The Ministry of Finance)

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