Optimal Planar Orthogonal Skyline Counting Queries

Gerth Stølting Brodal and Kasper Green Larsen

Technical Report, 1304.7959, arXiv.org, 17 pages, April 2013.


The skyline of a set of points in the plane is the subset of maximal points, where a point (x,y) is maximal if no other point (x',y') satisfies x'≥ x and y'≥ x. We consider the problem of preprocessing a set P of n points into a space efficient static data structure supporting orthogonal skyline counting queries, i.e. given a query rectangle R to report the size of the skyline of P\cap R. We present a data structure for storing n points with integer coordinates having query time O(lg n/lglg n) and space usage O(n). The model of computation is a unit cost RAM with logarithmic word size. We prove that these bounds are the best possible by presenting a lower bound in the cell probe model with logarithmic word size: Space usage nlgO(1) n implies worst case query time Ω(lg n/lglg n).

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